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The Gathering 2 UPDATE 


As of today March 31st our plan is to go on with the show this August and hope that  by then life will be back to normal for all us. We understand and have to now think different this year then we did a few months ago when it comes to our game plan for this huge four day event.  We know that with all going on and everyone being out of work, and being hit hard financially, this years event could be hurt by the fact that people wont be able to attend.  We have to go on with the event but we must cut back on some things that we originally had or wanted to do for this show. None of us know what tomorrow will hold and we have to all hope  each day gets better. Not  only for a wrestling convention but for all of us to go back to live a normal life again. 

My goal is to run the convention this year as long as we are  able too, but with some changes to the show.  We are working hard to make this event a fun weekend for all and after months of being locked up in our houses or apartments, I think this family reunion of friends, fans and Wrestling legends will be what people need.  Just remember any changes we make to the event our goal is 100% change  and  wll take place in 2021 for The Gathering 3.  


So going forward you will see some changes to the weekend, but the event will still be from Thursday August 13th - Sunday August 16th and take place at the Hilton University Place in Charlotte North Carolina. 

As of now our Schedule of Events 


Thursday August 13th 


Registration will open at 2:00 pm for pickup of tickets and all other items along with people who want to buy at the event. 


BBQ Event with Wrestling Legends will still be taking place and  will be our kick off event to a great weekend. Have some food and enjoy the company of not only the wrestling legends but so many wondeful wrestling fans. 


Thursday,  we plan  on holding two to three Live Question & Answer sessions. 


Live Wrestling Trivia will take place with a special guest host and fans will have the chance to win some great prizes. 


Friday August 14th 

9AM - 5PM We will have our first day of signings, Photo Ops and the Vendor Room open to the fans. 

6:30 PM -10:00 PM Will be our 2nd Night to Remember Banquet event. Have a great dinner as you sit at a table with other fans and one of our Wrestling Legends. After dinner is done we will then have our Banquet event as we will Honor and say Thank You to some of the all time greats in the wrestling Business. 


We will follow the banquet with a Live & Question & Answer session. 


Saturday August 15th 

9:00 am - 5:00 pm will be our second day of signings, Photo Ops and the Vendor room open to the fans.  

5:00 pm- We will have a live Q & A Session with the fans take place. 


7:30 pm - Live Wrestling Matches will still be held as we bring you Rumble at the Hilton 2. This show will feature some of the best independent wrestling talent out there along with Wrestling Legends. 


Sunday August 16th 


8:00 am - 9:00 am will be our Church service for all who would like to attend. 


9:00 am- 2:00 pm will be our final day of signings, Photo Ops and Vendor room open to the fans. 


We will be holding live Karaoke at night for the fans and talents that want to enjoy some fun and sing some songs. As of now, we just are not sure of the day and time this will take place but we will be doing it. 


As you can see we have left off our Thursday night wrestling show. We are not 100% sure as of now if we will be able to hold it. Once we have 100% confirmation, we will let you know.

We really hope to see you all in Charlotte this August for an event that if its your first time coming,  I promise that you will have a great time like any wrestling convention you have been  before. 

Below you will see ticket price information, and if you wish to order tickets click the ticket link page on the top of the website. 


Anyone who needs to contact us please do so with any questions at


Thank You



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