One of the all time Greats will be honored at this event.  The one and only

Macho Man Randy Savage will be honored and his brother Lanny Poffo will be on hand to accept this award from the man that beat Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 3 Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

We Honor one of the all time Greats in a wrestling ring.


Former NWA World Champion and memeber of The Four Horsemen


Barry Windham 

Our First annual Night to Remember dinner and ceremony takes place Friday Night August 16th at 6:30 pm and is part of the huge 4 day weekend at the Hilton. 


Ken Resnick will host the ceremony and many , many wrestling greats, past, present and future will be seated among the fans. At least one wrestler per table and the best part is you decide what talent you want to sit with. All you have to do is order your Ultimate Superticket and the number you get will be the number system I will go on to seat you and who you pick. So if you are Number 1 then you will have the first choice at what wrestling talent you want to sit with at the event. If you are number 200 you will basically be sitting with who is left at the end and was not picked to be seated with. 


We start the event with a incredible dinner buffet followed by the ceremony. 


We will Honor on the 35th Anniversary in the wrestling business The Midnight Express















































































These wrestling talents have confirmed their attendance at the dinner so far


1. Greg Gagne

2. Stan Lane

3. Steve Regal

4. Ken Resnick

5. Dennis Condrey

6. Randy Rose

7. Marc Lowrance

8. Missy Hyatt

9. John Tatum

10. Ricky Steamboat

11. Sheik Adnan Al Kaissey

12. Shane Dougles 

13. Barry Windham 

14. Winter

15. Stan Hansen

16. Bobby Fulton

17. Ernest Miller

18. Mike Jackson

19. Jim Cornette

20. Bobby Eaton 

21. Larry Zbyszko

22. Shane Dougles 

23. Harry Smith 

24. Lanny Poffo 

25. The Total Package Lex Luger

26. Jackie Fulton 

27. Bob Caudle 










Bobby the Brain Heenan to be rememberd at this event. 

The Greatest manager and one of the best announcers of all time will be honored at this event. 

Bobby Heenan wife will be on hand to accept this honor and we are working on a special guest to give this honor out. 

On the 35th year Anniversary of The Midnight Express we will honor them. 


Jim Cornette

Bobby Eaton

Dennis Condrey

Stan Lane 

Randy Rose 

We will Honor one of the best at a Night to Remember 

The British Bulldog DaveyBoy Smith. His former partner will give out the award The Total Package Lex Luger


Accepting this honor on behalf of Daveyboy will be his son Harry Smith 

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