Jim Crockett Jr will be with us on Friday Night for A Night to Remember and its our chance to finally say Thank You to the man behind Jim Crockett Promotions. 

In the 80s the Crockett Promotion was one of the hottest wrestling promotions anywhere with stars like Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Magnum T.A, The Rock N Roll Express, The Koloffs , The Andersons and so many more. 


Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rodgers The Fantastics to be honored at A Night to Remember. 

One of the best tag teams in the 80s holding championship gold everywhere they went. We are very honored to have Bobby Fulton be with us to accept this award. 

After 56 years in the wrestling business 2020 will be Jimmy the Boogie Woogie Man Valiants final year in the business. 

Its only fitting that we say our Final Goodbye in Charlotte and thank Jimmy Valiant for the many wonderful memories he gave us over the years. 

Guest List for our Banquet Event inculdes with more still to come 


1. Jim Cornette

2. Jimmy Valiant

3. Tito Santana

4. Ricky Morton

5. Robert Gibson

6. Road Warrior Animal 

7. Paul Ellering 

8. Stan Lane

9.  Bobby Fulton

10. Paul Roma

11. Tom Prichard

12. Bobby Eaton

13. Terri Runnels

14. Ken Resnick

15. Butch Miller

16. Luke Williams 

17. Jim Crockett Jr.

18. David Crockett



Jim Cornette to host A Night to Remember Dinner Banquet 

The Greatest Tag Team in the History of Pro Wrestling will be Honored at A Night to Remember 


The Legion of Doom Hawk , Animal The Road Warriors  and Precious Paul Ellering 



Join us as we say Thank You to some of the Greatest Wrestling talents  that gave us so many wonderful memories over the years. 

Enjoy Dinner Buffett with not only wrestling fans but with you sitting with a Wrestling Legend at your table. 


Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson The Rock -n - Roll Express are the first two talents we will honor at this event. Ricky & Robert are two of the best and one of the Greatest Tag teams in the history or Pro Wrestling. 

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