The Franchise Shae Dougles will being doing a Q & A at The Gathering. 


Get your questions ready cause The Franchise holds nothing back.

We will have Question & Answer Sessions taking place over the weekend at The Gathering. 


Days are not set yet but so far scheduled to do a Q & A Session 


Former AWA Superstar Greg Gagne  


We will hear all about the AWA as Greg 

Gagne will answer all questions about the 

company his father fan. Greg was a major 

player in the AWA until it went out of 







                                                                                   World Class Championship wrestling Memories 

                                                                                    Question & Answers with Marc Lowrance.


                                                                                   Marc will answer questions on the Von Erich's, 

                                                                                   , Gino Hernandez, Chris Adams, Rick Rude, The 

                                                                                    Freebirds and many more. Another great Q& A 

                                                                                    on one of the hottest wrestling companys 

                                                                                    World Class Championship Wrestling. 

Hollywood John Tatum & Missy Hiatt will be doing alive Question & Answer Session. You will get to find things out about World Class, UWF , and so many other things in this very rare Q & A

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