We will be offering 5 Live Question & Answers sessions to all VIP Ticket Holders as part of your package. If you want to attend one of these Q &A and are not a VIP Ticket Holder you can buy a Ticket at the show for which ever one you want to see for $15.00 Admission Ticket if we are not Sold Out. 


All Q & A will be one Hour and fanas will get to ask the Questions. 


OUR Q & A Schedule 


Thursday August 15th 9:30 - 10:30

World Class Memories with Marc Lowrance, Missy Hyatt, John Tatum and Scott Casey 


10:30 -11:30 


Live Q & A with Former AWA Legend Greg Gagne. 



Friday August 16th  11:00 pm -12:00 pm 

The Franchise Shane Douglas 




Sunday August 18th 9:00 am- 10am


Live Q & A with The Games Master Kevin Sullivan 



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