Luke Williams Photo Op $20.00
Ron Simmons Photo $20.00
Jackie Fulton Photo Op $15.00

Butch Reed Photo Op $20.00

Bobby Fulton Photo Op $15.00

Tommy Wildfire Rich Photo Op $20.00

Road Warrior Animal Photo Op $20.00

Precious Paul Ellering Photo Op $20.00
Scott Mcghee Photo Op $20.00
Gary Young Photo Op $20.00

Wildcat Wendell Cooley Photo Op $20.00

Ricky Morton Photo Op $20.00

Robert Gibson Photo Op $20.00

Billy Jack Haynes Photo Op $20.00

Col. DeBeers Photo Op $20.00

The Ultimate Fan  Photo Op Package. $300 Dollars gets you a single Photo with each of the 23 Wrestling stars listed below  . This is  savings of of $160 from total cost. 


Single Autograph Package $ 300.00 

1. The Mounite 2. Col DeBeers  3. Billy Jack Haynes 4. Wildcat Wendell Cooley 5. Ricky Morton 6. Robert Gibson 7. Scott Mcghee 7. Road Warrior Animal 9. Precious Paul Ellering 10. Gary Young 11. Tommy Wildfire Rich 12. Sweet Stan Lane 13. Steve Keirn 14. Hacksaw Butch Reed 16. Dr. Tom Prichard 17. Bobby Fulton 18. Jackie Fulton 19. Terri Runnels 20. Ken Resnick 21. Steve Simpson, 22. Ron Simmons 23. Sheepherder Luke Williams 


Please Remember every guest will have a set time of at least one or more during the weekend to do photo Ops so you must be there at that time

Photo Ops with your own camera will be done in a one of our rooms at the Hilton just like last year. Please remember NO Supeticket Talent will be doing Photo Ops at the Autograph stage. If you need Photo Ops for any of them you must be ready at the room on the time schedule of the Photo Op. 

Please Remember we also offer Pro Photo Ops that are a little more cost but you get a Printed out color 8x10 in about one minute. So you take the Picture and by the time you leave the room you get handed the Print out Photo. Could be a great item to take and get signed by the talents at the autograpge tables with purcahse of a Autograph ticket or if you are Siperticket holder. 

You will be able to order Pro Photo Ops are on Pro Photo Op Page


any questions email me at


The Fabulous Ones Photo OP $35.00

The Heavenly Bodies Photo OP $30.00
The Fantastics Photo Op $30.00
The York Foundation Photo Op $40.00 Please Remember this photo does not include Terry Taylor who will not be at the event

Steve Simpson Photo Op $20.00

Dr. Tom Prichard Photo Op $15.00

Terri Runnels Photo Op $20.00






Ken Resnick Photo Op $15.00

Other Photo Ops taken place 

Tag Team Photo Op Package  $   299.00      Includes these  10   Photo Ops below


1. The Rock -n - Roll Express

2. Raod Warrior Animal & Precious Paul Ellering

3. The York Foundation Alexandra York, Thomas Rich and Richard Morton

4. The Fabulous Ones

5. The Heavenly Bodies

6. Doom 

7. The Fantasics 

8. The Midnight Express Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane 

9.  Bad Attitude   Bobby Eaton & Steve Keirn 

10. ????

Doom Photo Op $35.00
Marlena Photo Op $20.00
Alexandra York Photo Op $20.00 

Animal & Paul Ellering Photo Op $35.00

Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette $45.00

Rock-n-Roll Express Photo Op $35.00

Sweet Stan Lane Photo Op $20.00

Steve Keirn Photo Op $20.00

Sheepherders and Bobby Fulton Photo Op$55.00

Rock n Roll Express & Faboulous Ones $ 60.00
Sheepherders & Fabulous Ones Photo Op $65.00
Butch Miller Photo Op $30.00

Few Photo Ops above to show how we did them in 2019

Ronnie Garvin Photo Op $20.00
The Sheepherders / Bushwackers  Photo Op $45.00
Paul Roma Photo Op $20.00
The Midnight Express & Jim Cornette $45.00
The Midnight Express Photo Op $35.00
Bad Attitude Photo Op $30.00

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