Get 2 items signed by each of our Superticket Guest

24 SUPERTICKET GUEST Includes Greg Gagne, Steve Regal, Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane , Kendo Nagasaki, Ken Resnick, Dennis Condrey , Randy Rose, Marc Lowrance  Carlos Colon, Missy Hyatt, John Tatum . Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, The Cuban Assassain Fidel Sierra, Ricky Santana , Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissey , The Franchise Shane Dougles, The Living Legend Larry Zbyszko , Harley Race , Lanny Poffo , Barry Windham  , Al Perez , Dark Journey and Nikita Koloff.

                                                                 AUTOGRAPH STAGE

Three hour signing session over the course of the weekend One Session being done each day Friday,Satuday & Sunday. Each session featuring different Wrestling Legends. 

A single file line will pass in front of the stage,with fans stopping at each legend along the way to get Autographs.

VIPS are allowed first access to each signing session.Your place in line is determined by your VIP number. Two day VIP ticket and Single day VIPs will follow and then General Admission Ticket Holders.


VIPS are allowed to get Two items Autographed by eah Superticket Guest. Fans that have One day VIP Ticket will be allowed One Autograph each from the Superticket Guest.

Rather than waiting on line all day for Autographs we will call Groups of 20 at a time to the Autograph Stage. VIPS 1-20 go first then we will call VIPS 1-40 and so on.

You may NOT take photos at the autograph stage. You may take photos while on line before you reach the stage but, IN order to keep the line moving ,we ask  that NO PHOTOS be taken once you reach the Autograph Stage.

When it's your turn at the stage , Please have your items out and ready to be signed. Have your items organzied so that you can quickly hand the items to the talent. Staff members will be at the Autograph stage to move things a long and make sure we get all the fans through the line. You can buy extra Autograph Tickets for the Suerticket talent either through Pre orders or at the event. When going through the line just give the extra Tickets to one of our staff handlers at the stage handling the talent you got the extra ticket for.                                                                               You may choose to bring your own items to be signed or Purchase items like 8x10, Programs and other items from us and Vendors and  bring those items through as your two Autographs. 


Superticket Talent Schedule below and please remember sometimes things happen and things can change.   Subject to Change 




Friday  August 16th 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM- The Living Legend Larry Zbyszko, Greg Gagne, Al Perez , Dark Journey , Marc Lowrance, Kendo Nagasaki ,   Ken Resnick, Carlos Colon 




Saturday August 17th 12:00 PM- 3:00PM- Sweet Stan Lane, Lover boy Dennis Condrey, Ravishing Randy Rose, Beautiful Bobby Eaton, The Genuis Lanny Poffo, Mr. Electricity Steve Regal, John Tatum, Ricky the Dragon Steamboat 





Sunday August 18th 11:AM-2:00PM - The Franchise Shane Dougles, Missy Hyatt, The Bario Brothers Cuban Assassin & Ricky Santana, Shiek Adnan Al-Kaissey, Nikita Koloff ,  Barry Windham, Harley Race

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