Our 22nd & 23rd Superticket AL PEREZ & DARK JOURNEY. 

Our 21st Guest Barry Windham 

This young Lion was the son of the Legend himself Blackjack Mulligan and had his first match November 27th 1979 vs J.J. Dillon at the age of 19 years old. His early career was in the Florida territory where he had a notable feud with Kevin Sullivan and his army. In 1984 he would head to the WWF with Mike Rotundo and be called The U.S Express winning the WWF Tag Team Championships twice. In the fall of 1986 he shifted to NWA territory where he had many memorable matches with Ric Flair. Barry would hold every major Title in the NWA. On April 20th 1988 Windham shocked everyone by turning on his tag team partner Lex Luger and joining the Four Horsemen. At Superbrawl 93 Barry Windham would finally get the one title that he came so close so many times on winning as he pinned The Great  Muta to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Windham has been put in the WWE Hall of Famer along with the memebers of The Four Horsemen but on Friday Night August 16th Barry Windham will be honored in Charlotte a place he shined throughout his career. 


Our 19th Superticket Guest is one of the all time greats and a 8 time NWA World Champion. Harley Race 


In 1973 Race emerged from his battle with Dory Funk Jr. as the New NWA World Champion. He would go on to to lose the title not long after but he became a world wide superstar and championship contender. 

In 1977 Race would defeat Terry Funk to win his second NWA Heavyweight Championshipand this time he held it for almost five years ( excluding very short reigns by Tommy Rich, Dusty Rhodes and Giant Baba. 

The very first Starrcade 83 Race defended his World Title vs Ric Flair in a steel cage match with Flair winning the gold. It was like Race had now passed the touch on to Flair. 

We welcome this Legend to our event at the Hilton. 

Our 20th Superticket Guest Leaping Lanny Poffo/ The Genius


Lanny began wrestling in the NWA territories in the 1970s before becoming a star in his fathers promotion ICW. He would feud and tag with his brother Randy Savage. He would join the WWF in 1985 and remain with the company until 1994. On March 18th 1989 he tunred heel and became The Genius. 


Lanny will also be on hand at our Friday Night to Remeber event where he will accept the honor on behalf of his brother The Macho Man Randy Savage


Its a honor to have a class act like Lanny Poffo join us at The Gathering

The Living Legend Larry Zbyszko will be our 18th Superticket Guest. 


He was trained under Bruno Sammartino and debuted in 1973 as a babyface. On January 22 1980 Larry would turn on Bruno and leave him in a pool of his own blood. Larry as a bad guy just worked well. He would go on to win the AWA World Championship winning a 18 man battle royal.

Larry would also find success in both the NWA & WCW. He would win the NWA Western States Championship from Barry Windham in 1988. 

Him and Arn Anderson would join up as The Enforcers and win the WCW World Tag Team Championship. He would also pin Lord Steve Regal to win the WCW Television Title in 1994. 

On the weekend of The Gathering Charlotte will become Larry Land. 

Making a very rare apperance & our 16th Superticket Guest

Sheik Adnan El Kassey/ General Adnan


He started as a pro wrestler in 1959in the state of Oklahoma. He would reach the the then wwwf in the 19070's under the name Billy White Wold and team with WWE Hall of Famer Chief Jay Strongbow winning the world tag team championships. 

He would later join the AWA as Sheik Adnan El Kaissey as both as a wrestler and manager. Hewould go on to manage guys like Jerry Crusher Blackwell, Ken Patera, Bruser Brody and others. 

In 1990 he would retrun to the wwe as General Adnan and manage Sgt. Slaughter to the WWE Championship.


We welcome for the first time ever to the Hilton this Legend of the wrestling business

14 & 15 Superticket Guest The Barrio Brothers 

Fidel Sierra/ The Cuban Assassin & Ricky Santana

Fidel & Ricky have both worked all over the world amd also won many championships in World Wrestling Council. Not many people know this but Fidel Sierra wrestled Ric Flair to a 60 minute time limit draw and Ricky Santana along with his partner Tony Torres defeated Paul Diamond & Shawn Michaels for the Texas All Star Tag Team Titles in 1985. 

Both men would compete in the NWA and then later would form the team the Barrio Brothers in WCW. 

We welcome The Barrio Brothers to The Gathering 

Our 13th Superticket Guest 

Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion 

Ricky the Dragon Steamboat 


In 1976 a young babyface debuted in the AWA as Rich Blood before going to Florida (CWF ) and given the name Ricky Steamboat by Eddie Graham. In 1977 Steamboat entered the NWA for the next eight years. Ricky would capture the United States title 3 times, the World Tag Team Titles 6 times, Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title 2 times , Mid- Atlantic tag titles 4 times and the T.V. Title 2 times. Ricky could never win the World Title from Ric Flair. Steamboat would leave the NWA for the WWF in 1985 and The Dragon was born. He competed in the first ever Wrestlemania and defeated Matt Borne. He would have some great feuds with Don Murco, Jake Roberts but his biggest moment in the WWF was at Wrestlemania 3 in front of 93,000 people he would pin Randy Macho Man Savage to win the WWF Intercontinental Champions. 

Ricky would return to the NWA in 1989 and finally win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship by pinning Ric Flair at Chi-Town Rumble 89. 

Ricky the Dragon Steamboat is one of the best in ring westlers of all time and a WWE Hall of Famer. 

It is our pleasure to welcome to The Gathering a true legend in the wrestling business.

Our 17th Superticket is former ECW World Champion The Franchise Shane Dougles


Shane Dougles has been all over the world including WWE, NWA,WCW, UWF. 

Shane Dougles would win the wcw world tag team chamionship  with Ricky Steamboat in 1992. He would then go on to claim his most fame in ECW. 

He would win the NWA world title and throw it down and name it the ECW World Title. He would go on to be the man and become The Franchise of ECW and 3 time World Champion. 

At The Gathering he will be apart of all our events including doing a live Q & A Session that im sure nobody will want to miss!!

Vendor Guest

Our 12th Superticket Guest 


Missy Hyatt 


Missy Hyatt started her Wrestling career in 1985 when she was hired by World Class Championship Wrestling as the manager of HollyWood John Tatum. She embroiled in a feud with another valet in WCCW Sunshine. 

She would then join Tatum and move to Bill Watts UWF but that is when she would turn on John Tatum and join Eddie Gilbert to form H & H International Inc,

Missy has a small run in the WWF hosting Missy's Manor. She would then return to the UWF which later become part of the NWA/WCW. She continued to manage Gilbert and Rick & Scott The Steiner Brothers. She would also be a commentator for WCW. She managed The Nasty Boys to the WCW World Tag Team Championships. She would leave WCW and go to ECW and manage The ECW Icon The Sandman. 

Our 11th Superticket Guest is 

HollyWood John Tatum 


John Tatum made his debut in 1983. From 1983 to 1986 Tatum was a star in World Class Championship Wrestling along with his valet Missy Hyatt. Tatum would feud with Chris Adams, The Von Eirchs, Scott Casey and other. 

John Tatum then would move to Bill Watts UWF Promotion and team up with Jack Victory to win the UWF Tag Team Championship. He eventually joined Eddie Gilbert's stable Hot Stuff Inc until Missy Hyatt turned on John Tatum and went with Eddie Gilbert.

Tatum would retire in 1995. It is our pleasure to welcome another first time Guest HollyWood John Tatum to The Gathering.

Our 5th Superticket Guest

Former AWA World Tag Team Champion and NWA World Junior

Heavyweight Champion.

Mr. Electricity Steve Regal


Steve Regal started wrestling in 1977 but 

achieved his biggest success in the AWA during 

the mid- 1980's.  During his tenure there, Regal defeated Buck

Zumhofe for the AWA World Light Heavyweight

Championship.   In 1985 Regal began teaming with Gorgeous 

Jimmy Garvin and in one of wrestlings biggest

upsets of all time Regal & Garvin defeated The

Road Warriors to win the AWA World Tag Team



In 1986 Regal would join Jim Crockett 

Promotions where he defeated Denny Brown to

win the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship twice. 

Regal would also wrestle in World Class Cahmpionship Wrestling and the WWF. 

Steve Regal retired from the ring in 1996.

It is our pleasure to welcome another first time Guest to the Hilton in Charlotte next year

 Mr. Electricity Steve Regal.







                                                                                Our 6th Superticket guest is former AWA & WWF 

                                                                                announcer Ken Resnick.

                                                                                Ken started out as a announcer in the AWA after Mean 

                                                                                Gene left the company. Ken then went on to work for 

                                                                                the WWF. Ken would retire from the wrestling business 

                                                                                and in 1999 return to announcing when he did play by 

                                                                                play for TNN'S Rollerjam. 

                                                                               Ken Resnick will take part in The Gathering all weekend                                                                                  and will be our co-host for the our Friday night Event. 


Our 2nd Superticket Guest. 


                                                                               Kendo Nagasaki 

                                                                             Kendo Nagasaki debuted on June 21st 1971 in the 

                                                                             old Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance.

                                                                             He went on to compete in Stampede Wrestling 

                                                                             Winning Championships.


                                                                             Kendo would move to Continental Wrestling and 

                                                                             he defeated Jerry Lawler for the NWA/AWA

                                                                             Southern Heaveyweight Title in 1982.


                                                                             With his face paint , Asian mist and frequently 

                                                                             employed the Kendo Stick as his signature weapon.




He worked NWA territories ,World Wrestling 

Council, Florida Championship Wrestling & 

Southeastern Championship Wrestling.


On January 22nd 1984 he captured the NWA 

Florida Heavyweight Championship from 

Mike Rotundo. 


He worked World Class in the mid 80's and then in 

1989 went to WCW as The Dragon Master and was 

a member of Gary Hart's J- Tex Corporation with 

The Great Muta, Terry Funk, Buzz Sawyer and Dick 



Kendo Nagasaki retired from the ring in 2001.


We welcome him to The Gathering next year as 

Our 2nd Superticket guest. 











                                                                      We would like to welcome one of the the AWA 

                                                                      biggest stars Greg Gagne. 

                                                                Greg started his wrestling career in 1972 in his father's

                                                             Promotion the American Wrestling Association (AWA).

                                                              Gagne would form the tag team The High Flyers with 

                                                                   Jim Brunzell and go on to win the AWA World Tag 

                                                                   Team Championship on two occasions. 


                                                                 Greg Gagne was involved in a feud with Shiek Adnan                                                                    Al-Kaissie's army. Which included at different times

                                                                   Jerry Blackwell , Nord The Barbarian and of course 

                                                                   King Kong Brody. 




 Later in the 1980s, Gagne feuded 

with Curt Henning, Larry Zbyszko

and others.


Gagne went on to win the AWA 

International Television Championship.

He defeated Adrian Adonis in a 

tournament to be crowned the first ever 

TV Champion. 


Gagne would go on to Retire in 1991 from

ring action. 


Greg Gagne will be taking part in events 

at The Gathering in Charlotte. 

Besides doing Autographs and Photo 


Greg Will hold a live Questions & 

Answers Session. 

Greg Will also be taking part in our Friday 

night dinner. 





Our 9th Superticket Guest

Former WCCW Announcer

Marc Lowrance


                                                                                                      Marc Lowrance started out as a broadcaster on 

                                                                                                      the Texas State radio network in the late -1970's

                                                                                                      and early 1980's. Steve Harms, a sports anchor at                                                                                                        KXAS-T.V. recommended Marc to Gary Hart & 

                                                                                                     Fritz Von Erich. Marc was hired to be the new 

                                                                                                     ring announcer at the Dallas Sportatorium. 

                                                                                                     Marc would announce many of the Great 

                                                                                                     Matches that took place in World Class. One that

                                                                                                     we all remember is Kerry Von Erich winning the 

                                                                                                     NWA World Title from Ric Flair on May 6th 1984. 


                                                                                                     In May 1990 Lowrance left Pro Wrestling to 

                                                                                                     become a minister in Fort Worth. 


                                                                                                     We welcome Marc Lowrance to The Gathering 

                                                                                                     next year. He will be signing autographs, taking 

                                                                                                     photos, will be at our Friday Night Dinner event 

                                                                                                     and will host a World Class Memories Questions

                                                                                                     & Answer session with the fans. 

Our 10th Superticket Guest and another Guest making his first ever trip to the Hilton Hotel in Charlotte NC is WWE Hall of Famer 


Carlos Colon 


Carlos Colon is a Legend in the wrestling business. 

He had his first match in Boston on Feb 16th 1966 when 

wrestled Bobo Brazil. 

Colon held the WWC Universal Heavyweight

Championship a record 26 times.


On Jan 6th 1983 Colon defeated Ric Flair for the NWA 

World Heavyweight Championship. However, the 

outcome of this match was not made official or aired on

NWA Television.  Flair received the Belt back in a 

phantom title change that took place on Jam 23rd 1983. 


In 2014 Carlos Colon was inducted into the WWE Hall of 




We are happy to Welcome Carlos Colon to The Gathering

as our 10th Guest on Superticket



Our 3rd & 4th Superticket Guest will make a return to Charlotte for The Gathering. 


Former NWA & U.S Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express Beautiful Bobby Eaton & Sweet Stan Lane. 


                                                                                           In March of 1987 Dennis Condrey left Jim 

                                                                                           Crockett Promotions leaving Bobby Eaton

                                                                                           without a partner. In came Stan Lane who

                                                                                           was  a star in Florida Championship

                                                                                           Wrestling at the time. 


                                                                                           On May 16th 1987 Eaton & Lane won the 

                                                                                           NWA United States Tag Team Titles for 

                                                                                           the first time. A title they would win three 

                                                                                           times during their time together. 


                                                                                           The Midnight Express would feud with The

                                                                                           Road Warriors, The Freebirds, The Original 

                                                                                            Midnight Express , S.S.T and many other 

                                                                                           other teams but no team more then The 

                                                                                           Rock-n-Roll Express. These two teams 

                                                                                           Would have a long running feud for

                                                                                           Years along with  Jim Cornette The 

                                                                                           Midnight Express manager. 

                                                                                           Finally on September 10th 1988 The                                                                                                          Express won the NWA Tag Team Titles 

                                                                                           from Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson. 


                                                                                          It is our pleasure to welcome back to the 

                                                                                          Hilton one of the best tag teams of all time. 

                                                                                          The Midnight Express.

 Our 7 & 8 Superticket guest The Original Midnight Express  "Loverboy" Dennis Condrey & "Ravishing" Randy Rose 



1980 a new team was formed in Southeast Championship Wrestling. Randy Rose & Dennis Condrey would form the Midnight Express and together they would win the Southeast tag team championship, AWA Southern Tag Team Ttiles and others.  In 1983 Dennis & Randy went their separate ways. 


Loverboy Dennis Condrey would then up with Bobby Eaton to form a new version of The Midnigh Express with manager Jim Cornette. They would win the NWA World Tag Team Championships from The Rock- n- Roll Express in 1986. In March 1987 Dennis Condrey suddenly left the NWA.


Bobby Eaton and Sweet Stan Lane Kept The Midnight Express going in the NWA but in the AWA a new team was back together again. 

Loverboy" Dennis Condrey and " Ravishing " Randy Rose with form The Original Midnight Express with manager 

Paul. E. Dangerously nd win the AWA World Tag Team Titles. 

In late 1988 Rose & Condrey would attack Lane and Eaton and start a feud in the NWA over who was the real Midnight Express. They would battle for months until Chi-Town Runble 89 when Eaton and Lane would win and force The Original Midnight Express out of town in a loser leaves town match. 


We welcome The Original Midnight Express Randy Rose & Dennis Condrey to The Gathering. 

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