Photo Ops


Photo Ops gives you the chance to take a picture with some of your favorite wrestling stars. Over the course of the weekend, each wrestler will have a scheduled time to take photos with the fans. 


All Photo Ops will be taken with your own camera. As many of you know over the years a lot of problems came with the print out photo ops. This is our first event and we would like to avoid all problems that we can and make this event easy and stress free for not only me but you the fans and the vendors. We understand a lot of fans really like the print out Photos but our first year doing the event we wont be offering that this year.


Below is a lit of Photo Op Packages we will offer and as the rest of our Superticket guest get announced we will then add them to the Photo Op Packages. 




Discounted Individual Photo Op combo is $300.00 Gets you one single photo op with each of our 24 superticket guest. You will save $140.00 by buying the Individual package.



This package includes all of the Individual Photo Ops listed below. Paypal fee will be included at the end of the order


Individual Pricing for each guestis listed below next to the name and will go on sale on Monday.


1. Greg Gagne $20.00

2. Kendo Nagasaki $20.00

3. Sweet Stan Lane $20.00

4. Beautiful Bobby Eaton $15.00

5. Mr. Electricity Steve Regal $15.00

6. Ken Resnick       $15.00

7. Loverboy Dennis Condrey $15.00

8. Randy Rose       $15.00

9. Marc Lowrance $15.00

10. Carlos Colon     $20.00

11. Missy Hyatt        $20.00

12. Hollywood John Tatum $20.00

13. Ricky the Dragon Steamboat $20.00

14. Ricky Santana   $15.00

15. Cuban Assassin $15.00

16. Sheik Adnan Al Kaissie $20.00

17. The Franchise Shane Dougles $15.00

18. Living Legend Larry Zbyszko $20.00

19. Harley Race         $20.00

20. Lanny Poffo    $15.00

21. Barry Windham $20.00

22. Al Perez            $20.00

23. Dark Journey  $20.00

24. To be announced soon 



Tag Team/ Group Photo Op Package will be  $289.00 it will be a savings of over 160 dollars if you buy these photo ops not in the package. 


As of now announced for the package are 


1. The Midnight Express Stan Lane & Bobby Eaton with Jim Cornette $40.00

2. The Midnight Express Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton with Jim Cornette $40.00

3. The Original Midnight Express Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose $30.00

4. The 35 year Midnight Express Photo Op with Jim Cornette, Dennis Condrey, Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane and Randy Rose $65.00

5. The Announcer Photo Op with Ken Resnick, Marc Lowrance and Bob Caudle  $ 40.00

6. Hollywood John Tatum & Missy Hyatt $35.00

7. The Bario Brothers Ricky Santana & Cuban Assasssin $30.00

8. Ricky Steamboat & Shane Dougles $35.00

9. NWA World Champion Photo Ricky Steamboat, Harley Race Barry Windham $55.00

10.  Barry Windham and Larry Zbyszko $35.00

11.  Al Perez & Larry Zbyszko $35.00

12. Dark Jounrey & Missy Hyatt $35.00 



Photo Op Tickets now on sale.. Remember you must have a VIP or General Admission ticket for the show in order to get in. 






































































































































































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