Other Vendors that have confirmed Booth Space 




Queens of Combat 


CrowBar Press 


Two Man Power Trip 


Captains' Corner's will have booth Guest Buff Bagwell, Jack Victory, Cowboy Scott Casey 

Lucky 13th Promotions will have Miss Tessmacher Brooke Adams , Johnny Swinger , Ron Simmons 

Andrew the Renforcer Anderson will be at his table all weekend long

WWE Hall of Famers Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Jake the Snake Roberts  will be at  booth all three days Friday, Saturday & Sunday

The Boss Magnum T.A will be at a booth on Saturday August 17th only. 

Tmart Promotions Vedor Guest 

Bob Caudle , Big Sean Studd , Rocky King, Tim Horner Scarlett Bordeaux, John Nod The Berzerker

Gregg Weiss Promotins will have 


Ken Patera, Candi Divine , Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol, Superstar Bill Dundee, Joyce Grable, Greg the Hammer Valentine , Ivan Putski, Baron Von Raschke, Bob Backlund

K & S will have as guest 

Mr. Hughes, Lodi , Outlaw Joel Deaton ( Thunderfoot #1 ) , C.W. Anderson ,  Col Robert Parker , 

Tony Hunter Promotions will have WWE Hall of Famer and former WWE World Champion Sgt. Slaughter 

The Reinforcer Andrew Anderson will be at his booth all weekend long 

Cornette Collectibles will be us and that means the one and only Jim Corentte will be with us all weekend long taking Pictures, signing autographs and selling merchandise at his booth 

James Hines presents Big Time Wrestling with as his vendor guest 

WWE Hall of Famer Stan Hansen 

Bobby Fulton and Jackie Fulton

Ernest The Cat Miller 

The Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant 

Ricky O'S Sports Promotions will have at their booth 

The Masked Superstar, Tennesse Studd Ron Fuller, Tommy Wildfire Rich, The Powers of Pain The Warlord & The Barbarian , The Hardcore Legend Terry Funk 

Sam- Bone's Promotions will have as Vendor Guest  Impact Star Katarina, Harry Smith, Swoggle , The Total Package Lex Luger 




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