Eric Embry sits down in the hot seat for a Q & A/ Hear all about World Class, The Von Erichs, USWA and more. 

Q & A will take place on Saturday Afternoon 

 3x WWF Tag Team Champions Ax & Smash Demolition will be on the hot seat with a live Q & A on Friday Morning.


LIVE Q & A with David Crockett takes place on Thursday night . Hear all about the NWA days, the Crocketts , Dusty Rhodes, The Four Horsemen, Jim Cornette and so many more. 

Easy E Eric Bischoff sits down on Friday  afternoon  for a live Q & A with the fans. You get to ask all the questions that we always wanted to ask  about what happened with WCW. This is a Q & A you do not want to miss. 

Friday night right after the Dinner Banquet 

Dr. D David Schultz will sit down for a live Q and A on Friday night.


 You better ask the  right questions or you just might get the tatse smacked out of your mouth 

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