Mr. U.S.A Tony Atlas a true legend in the business wrestling all over the world for over forty years. He gets his moment in Charlotte when his good friend and former tag team partner Tommy Rich gives his buddy the award that night as a thank you from all the fans. 

Guest List so far for the Dinner Banquet 

You will get to sit with at least one Legend during the banquet. We ask that you not request Autographs or Photo Ops during the Banquet as this is a special event andwe want the talents to enjoy it as much as the fans. We ask you dont wear gym shorts, tshirts, hats, or sneakers to the event. 


1. John Nord

2. Dennis Condrey 

3. SteveKeirn

4. Stan Lane

5. Rick Steiner

6. David Crockett

7. Ken Resnick 

8. Tony Atlas

9. Tom Prichard

10. Ax

11. Smash

12. Tommy Rich 

13. Bobby Fulton

14. Molly Holly 

15. George South 

16. Mike Jackson 



Dinner Menu coming soon. 


The Fantasics Bobby Fulton and the late Tommy Rodgers finally get the moment they deserve. One of the best tag teams in the 80s with so many classic matches from the NWA, WCCW, UWF and more. 

Mr. # 1 George South gets his rightful Moment at  A Night to Remember and we say Thank You to George on all his years in the business. 


We will Honor and say Thank You to two men who helped us all have wonderful Memories of Pro Wrestling. The Crockett Brothers 

Late Jim Crockett and David Crockett 


Jim was the leader and driving force behind the NWA and David was the voice that we all loved to hear at the announcers booth. 

Steve Keirn
Steve has put in over forty years of  his life in to the wrestling business. On Friday night we get to Thank Him for all those years of Entertainment and memories he has given us. 

Friday night July 23rd join us for a wonderful sitdown dinner buffet and then a special Night to Remember. As we say Thank You to some of the Legends of Pro Wrestling who we all have so many memories of. 

You will be seated at a table with fellow fans and one Wrestling Legend. 

Your VIP number will be how we decide on who sits with who at the event. 

Food Menu will be coming soon. Tickets can be purchased on our ticket page for this event only if you want to just attend the Banquet 


Our Special host will be Ken Resnick 

Its finally time we the fans say Thank You to  one of the Greatest Tag Teams in Wrestling History. 



Ax & Smash 

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