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the berzerker
dennis condrey
Gary Young 
Molly Holly 
Jeff Gaylord
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As the months go on we will continue to add to our superticket lineup. These 24 guest if you have either a Ultimate ViP or a regular VIP you will be allowed to get 2 Autographs from each of these talents. 

You can purchase extra autographs from any of the guest below but those will go on sale at a later date. 

If you buy just a single autograph ticket you must at least have a General Admission ticke to get in on the day that talent is signing.


Will will have one  Autograph session each day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each session will have 8 guest on it and run for 3 hours.  The  scheduled time and day will be the only time that talent signs autographs during the weekend.  

Ultimate VIP ticket holders will go through first in number order then the VIP ticket holders followed by General Admission if time allows. 


Below is our 17 Guest so far  Announced for our 2021 Superticket.Lineup subject to change 



Rick Steiner
Barry Windham 
Stan Lane 
Steve Keirn 
Eric Embrey 
Tony Atlas 
Tom Prichard 
Title 3
Ken Resncik 
Kendall Windham 
Jackie Fulton                        Bobby Fulton 
Tommy Rich 
John Nord 

Tentative Schedule


Friday July 23rd- 

Eric Bischoff  , Jackie Fulton Bobby Fulton , Tony Atlas, Demolition AX & Smash , Tommy Rich,Molly Holly 


Saturday July 24th

Rick Steiner, Mike Rotunda, Barry Windham, Kendall Windham, Stan Lane, Steve Keirn , Tom Prichard David Crockett


Sunday July 25th 

Eric Embry, , Ken Rensick, John Nord, Dennis Condrey, Norvel Austin, Trevor Murdoch, Jeff Gaylord, Gary Young 

Title 3
Loverboy Dennis Condrey 
Norvell Austin 
Eric Bischoff
Mike Rotunda 

David Crockett

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