August 4th - 7th 2022 

Hilton University Place 

Charlotte North Carolina 

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Masanori Toguchi debuted for Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance on August 30, 1968, against future NJPW referee Katsuhisa Shibata. During his rookie year, he was also trained by Karl Gotch. In his days in JWA, he was Ohki's student. When JWA folded in 1972, Toguchi went to the United States, where he developed himself as a heel under his Korean real name, Kim Duk. He spent the next four years roaming around NWA territories and in the American Wrestling Association. In 1976, he returned to Japan for All Japan Pro Wrestling, while wrestling for the NWA's Mid-Atlantic territory in the States. He was managed by Boris Malenko in the Mid-Atlantic area, often teaming with another Malenko protege, The Masked Superstar. During his Mid-Atlantic run, Duk had a short-lived feud with then-reigning Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Wahoo McDaniel. 

In 1982, Kim Duk began wrestling for the NWA's Kansas City territory, before moving to the World Wrestling Federation in 1983 under the name Tiger Chung Lee. After leaving the WWF in 1988, he went back to the Kim Duk name and wrestled for World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico. 

IOn June 10, 2018, at the age of 70, he won the WEW Heavyweight Championship defeating Daisaku Shimoda at a show for Pro Wrestling A-Team in Tokyo, Japan. He lost the title back to Shimoda on January 19, 2019.

our second Superticket Guest will make his first appearance at the Hilton in Charlotte next year..

Former WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion

The Mountie Jacques Rougeau

Jacques Rougeau began his career in 1977, working in Stu Hart's Calgary, Alberta based Stampede Wrestling promotion.In the 1980s he began wrestling in the United States, achieving success in Alabama and Tennessee, and in 1985 he and Ray were signed by the World Wrestling Federation.

The Rougeau Brothers would go on to be one of the top teams in the wwf throughout the mid to late 80s.

In 1991 Jacques would return as The Mountie and go on to win the WWF Intercontinental title from Bret Hart.

In 1993 the Quebecers were formed with Jacques & Pierre. The Quebecers would go on to win the WWF Tag Team Championship on two occasions beating the Steiner Brothers and Men on a Mission.

In 1996 they would head to WCW as the Amazing French Canadians.

In 1997 Jacques Rougeau would pin Hulk Hogan as one of the few men to pin Hogan 123 clean in the middle of the ring.

Jacques has done so much in the wrestling business and we welcome him as the second Superticket Guest in Charlotte for The Gathering 3.

                           TMART PROMOTIONS
First Superticket Guest 

Making a very rare appearance and first trip to the Hilton

Eddie Sharkey

He is often called "The Trainer of Champions".He has been instrumental in training some of the biggest names in the sport.

He started in the AWA in 1961 and had feuds with Danny Hodge , Bob Boyer and more.

In 1968 he won the NWA United States Championship from Jack Donovan in Central States Championship Wrestling. That title was later retired.

Eddie would train a list of top talents including

The Road Warriors

Bob Backlund

Tom Zenk

John Nord

Rick Rude

Nikita Koloff

Rick Steiner

Barry Darsow

And many many more

We are very happy to have Eddie join us as our first superticket guest at The Gathering 3

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